Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It is no secret that I have always enjoyed being my own person. I don't like being like anyone else. I don't do things because others are, but simply because I want to. Having two kids has given me a different view on this as well. I so love the differences in my two girls. Even though Ashlynne barely turned 1 she has quite the personality. She yells and screams just to be loud, Embree is only loud if she has something to say. Ashlynne babbles non stop, I think it is because she is trying to talk to Embree. Ashlynne is so busy and into everything. If we tell her no it's as if she didn't hear us. With Embree we could tell her no once and she didn't do it again.I could go on and on, but I love the opportunity I have to be these sweet girls momma. It is so fun to see them play together and interact. I am beyond blessed and ridiculously lucky!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Back in the saddle.

Oh where to begin.. It has been a LONG time since I have blogged. What it boils down to is that I have not made time for it in a long time. I love to write, and I love having a way to keep track of the big and mundane happenings in my life. So where to begin, Ryan is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a pilot for the Air Force. We are so close we can taste it! He graduates this summer and I can not wait for it to come. We are now a family of 4. Becoming a mom of two was easier for me than becoming a mom in the first place. I enjoy it, majority of the time, and try to laugh at the difficult times. Which revolve around Embree and the terrible 3's. 3 is far worse than 2…no doubt…She is a spitfire and EXACTLY like me. If you know me or knew me as a child that says a lot. I sure do love her though and try to focus on the positive attributes and not the negative. Ashlynne is busy busy busy and the sweetest little soul. She truly has been such a joy to us and I love that my girls have each other. having a sister is truly on of the greatest blessings in the world. We live in the great state of Texas and even though the town is very small I enjoy the fact that I can now say ya'll because I've lived in this great state. Truly everything is bigger in Texas…I am keeping myself busy these days with school, the girls, making treats for Ry's class and enjoying as much play time as possible all while trying to keep my house in order. Throw in so many random projects its ridiculous. Life is good and I am excited to see where the next few months take us. As it always is in my life, change is just around the corner and I am excited to see where it takes me.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Family Pics

So anyone in Washington looking for a photographer should use my friend Jamie. She's amazing. She did our pictures about a month ago and I love them. But now I have this problem, which one should I use as our big picture in our living room? I have it narrowed down but I love too many to decide. Any feed back would be amazing!

Catch up

So Embree started walking at 10 months which was good because Ryan was home and he missed her crawling. She has been so much fun and she brings so much joy to us everyday. She now says, hi, momma, dada, please, thank you, cheese, peek a boo, buh bye, ni night, nom nom nom, hello, and a few more I cant think of at the moment. She sings, and screams, and whenever she hears musicshe dances. She has been getting her molars in and has been miserable but for the most part has been happy still. She is such a good little girl and keeps us on our toes.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DADDY is Home!

Wow I am SOOOOO behind on blogging, (certain people have complained :) So time to Update!!! It has been a busy few months! As always the days and months seem to fly by. But the most exciting thing that happened in a few months was that Ryan came home from his deployment!! It was a long 4 months but there is nothing better then seeing your hubby walk off a plane after 4 months. I am so proud of what my husband does and to be his wife. I am also very grateful our little girl will grow up knowing the importance of patriotism.

Ryan got home super late the night he came home Embree was already in bed so we decided he would just see her when she woke up. When she woke up he went in her room to get her and she was so excited it was as if he had never left and she was so happy to have her daddy back. They played all morning and they are the best of friends. I love the husband and dad that Ryan is. Embree and I are extremely lucky to have him. He takes such good care of us and makes us so happy and always tries to make things fun.

The week after he got home we went to Victoria for a few days, did the tourist thing and visited with some families from some areas Ryan served in. It was a lot of fun and nice to spend some time together as a family and get away for a few days.

Friday, March 4, 2011

January & February!

Ryan on one of his missions
Me and Embree

Embree climbing all over everything and playing

Ryan deployed over two months ago! YAY! Tonight is one of those nights I am in a negative mood and feel like he will never come home and that he has been gone forever. But I can't believe two months have come and gone. January was my 24th birthday! One year older and wiser too! I've been working two days a week to keep busy and hanging out with family and friends like CRAZY! February 3rd my little brother Derek got home from his mission, and other than that I don't know where the time has gone! Ryan has been pretty busy flying lots and working hard with online classes. He makes me so proud and I really feel lucky to have such a hard worker for a husband. Embree is SO ridiculously busy!! She is into everything and all over the place. Some of her favorite things are eating paper, trying to suck on the toilet seat, trying to get into any and all trash cans, grabbing peoples faces and hair, yelling, babbling, being tickled, climbing stairs, crawlng all over like she owns the place, and eating anything she can get her little hands on. She keeps me really busy and is so funny. So here is hoping the next two months FLY by. I am so ready to have my husband back!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It feels like we have hit the point where life will never slow down, a lot happened in 2010, and we are looking forward to 2011! January we moved to Oklahoma, Ryan did his training and I worked at a staffing agency as the receptionist and got bigger and bigger the farther along my pregnancy got. We hated it because Altus is the smallest town I have ever lived in. But we spent a lot of quality time together and did a lot of things we wouldnt have done if we lived somewhere cool. In May we came back to Utah for a few weeks then moved to Washington! We moved in got unpacked and settled and almost 2 months latter we had Embree, adjusted to having a baby. we are loving how much she changes everyday and having her in our family! Three weeks after we had Embree Ryan started flying and was gone a lot. We felt like things were calming down a little then we had to get Ryan ready for deployment and before we knew it he left for deployment. He has been gone a week and a half and I miss him like crazy. But staying busy does make the days fly by. So it was a very busy year but we are looking forward to all the changes 2011 has in store for us.