Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It is no secret that I have always enjoyed being my own person. I don't like being like anyone else. I don't do things because others are, but simply because I want to. Having two kids has given me a different view on this as well. I so love the differences in my two girls. Even though Ashlynne barely turned 1 she has quite the personality. She yells and screams just to be loud, Embree is only loud if she has something to say. Ashlynne babbles non stop, I think it is because she is trying to talk to Embree. Ashlynne is so busy and into everything. If we tell her no it's as if she didn't hear us. With Embree we could tell her no once and she didn't do it again.I could go on and on, but I love the opportunity I have to be these sweet girls momma. It is so fun to see them play together and interact. I am beyond blessed and ridiculously lucky!

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aLLi&tOmMy said...

Awwe such cuties. Love ur post as always. Thanks tiff...=)